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Fire and Ice Zoas (Zoanthid sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Low - Moderate
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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A classic zoa. This zoa has a bright red/orange lash with a blue grey centre and a yellow green eye.

They can spread rapidly in the right conditions and they prefer bright lighting to keep the intensity of their colour. They also do better in moderate flow to help keep their mat clean of detritus.

Frags will be 10-15 polyps on a frag plug.

How long we've kept this coral: 9 years.


  • As they can grow rapidly allow space around them to avoid them overwhelming slower growing corals.
  • As with all zoanthids the mucus they produce can be toxic so be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.

Customer Reviews

    Fire and Ice Zoas

    Very well packed coral. Really nice coral and more heads than quoted. Great value and I will be buying more corals soon.

    By Graham F on 03/03/2019

      Impressive zoa

      This is my first purchase with Captive Ocean and as others have said firstly the packaging is spot on, the best I've had. The zoa frag has far more heads than advertised and was opening up within the first hour. Now after two days it's looking really well settled and has 27 heads which is fantastic value for the money paid. Really impressed and will be using your shop for my future needs, top notch thank you.

      By Robert T on 24/11/2018

        fire and ice

        As always, beautifully packed, delivered early and acclimatised well. Have never been disappointed with Captive Ocean, thank you.

        By Lynny T on 08/06/2018

          Beautiful zoa and VFM

          Not only did i receive a beautiful looking zoa frag, encrusting the whole plug, there were many more than the advertised polyps. Win/Win yet again.... Nice to see the stock list growing also as im running out of your products to buy.. 😆

          By Leigh P on 09/06/2017


            Stunning - such a beautiful colour combo, healthy and happy. Amazing, really love this frag :)

            By Angela S on 29/04/2017

              Very colourful

              Again a colourful zoa with full plug great value.

              By David H on 12/01/2017

                Great frag

                Lovely frag, well healed, lots of bright polyps, packed amazingly well as usual, very happy.

                By Julie C on 08/11/2016


                  Thank you very much for this fantastic Zoa and service you have provided!!! Very good packaging, organized clear service and what is most important fantastic, large and price competitive coral. I got more than I was expecting! I'm very pleased with it and will order more soon. Would be awesome if you would add some more specimens to the list! Thank you all at Captive Ocean!

                  By Anita V on 11/12/2015

                    Very pleased

                    Very pleased with the corals thanks, will definitely be ordering more :)

                    By David D on 14/06/2014

                      lovely zoas

                      all corals arived safe an sound an r settling in well thank you

                      By rex c on 10/05/2013