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Green Implosion Zoas (Palythoa sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Moderate
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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These Palys are very easy to care for and keep their strong colour under a range of light intensities becoming a lighter green in high lighting and a darker green in lower lighting.

These Palys have unusually large polyps and multiply readily by forming buds which grow into new polyps extending the mat of palys as they do so. They feed readily on a variety of foods.

This Paly is a very strong solid green colour that fluoresces under bluer lighting.

Frags will be 4 to 6 polyps mounted on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 22 years.


  • As they can grow rapidly allow space around them to avoid them overwhelming slower growing corals.
  • As with all zoanthids the mucus they produce can be toxic so be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.

Customer Reviews


    Fantastic coral colour is amazing packaged really well and opened up while being acclimated i will be back for more

    By Rob E on 22/04/2020


      Arrived as promised this morning still warm! Which is a great achievement considering the distance they travelled, in beautiful condition and a rich green colour. One of a number of Corals I purchased, all of which arrived in great condition with some of the best packaging I have come across to date!

      By Tom S on 28/03/2019

        Vibrant green colour

        What a beauty, such a great addition to our tank. Was so well packaged that it opened up as I took it out, and now one month later makes all our friends comment, especially at feeding times when it grabs passing food. Can't wait to shop for more from Captive Ocean. Thanks for the exceptional service.

        By Ashley W on 14/04/2018

          Love this zoa

          Brilliant coral a must have. Will get another one for sure.

          By Rodney M on 10/04/2017

            Better Than Expected

            16 polyps plus buds! Stunning fluorescent green colours and real big heads. This was my first order and am already planning the next.

            By Steven H on 10/03/2017

              Nice corals

              Nice corals, thank you, not cheap but worth the extra, keep up the good good work

              By Dominique A on 13/06/2013