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Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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An attractive toadstool leather with polyps that sway in the current. One of the first corals we kept this is a very easy going coral that grows well under good conditions reaching a large size over time. Like all leather corals flow is as important as lighting as it needs good flow to help it shed a waxy film as it grows. Leather corals will contract greatly when shedding or under stress.

The body of the coral is tan with yellow polyps.

Frags are 3 to 4 cm in diameter when expanded and are grown on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 21 years.


  • Keep this coral in a high flow area but never in the direct path of a pump or powerhead.

Customer Reviews

    good size

    good size coral and really doing well

    By Lee S on 14/01/2019

      Size of a tennis ball!

      Amazing leather and has opened up to the size of a tennis ball already will definately be ordering again in the near future

      By Gordon P on 24/03/2018

        Good Sized Toadstool

        Have not had one of these since my first tank and am really pleased with the one you supplied. It's not sulking at all and the polyps/tentacles are showing already. Am looking forward to watching this grow 😀

        By Steven H on 10/03/2017

          Great size

          really happy with it - still waiting for its polyps to come out but am excited to see it expand fully soon!

          By calvin s on 27/10/2015

            Great Corals

            Received my first corals today including a toadstool leather .. Arrived as described and in great condition !! Looks great in my rank thank you guys !!!

            By David H on 07/08/2015

              Very pleased!

              I recently received Toadstool Leather coral frag from you and was very pleased with the delivery and the frag itself.

              By Timothy W on 03/06/2013