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Metallic Green Star Polyps (Pachyclavularia sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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There are several varieties of star polyps but this one has especially strong colouration and will add a vivid splash of green to your tank.

Star polyps grow by forming a mat which will readily spread over rock and even glass. An easy to keep coral that's happy under a range of lighting and grows quickly.

Frags are 3 to 4cm grown on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • Keep this coral in a medium to high flow area to stop detritus building up in the mat.
  • As they can grow rapidly allow space around them to avoid them overwhelming slower growing corals.

Customer Reviews


    Disappointed as captive ocean are usually so good. Heat pack in box was freezing cold despite package arriving early. This coral has taken almost a week to open and it’s still not fully opened. Can only put this down to a bad day for captive ocean as they’re usually very good.

    By Rob E on 10/05/2020

      Lovely shade of green

      Opened within a few hours in tank. Frag is fully covered and should spread very quickly.

      By Roy C on 02/07/2019


        Recived on agreed day, well boxed and packaged with heat pad etc. Included with clear instructions for acclimatisation which was easy to follow and seemed to make the coral happy. It's now been in for a few days and it's long green fingers feeling the flow of the water. Very interesting shape. Would purchase more of this as very impressed with the size and colour

        By Neil J on 06/06/2019

          Sea grass!

          so nice & bright under LEDs - definitely recommend it - frag was huge already fully encrusted & looking forward to seeing it spread!

          By calvin s on 27/10/2015