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War Coral (Favites Pentagona)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Low - Moderate
Aggression: Medium
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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A very beautiful coral that grows surprisingly quickly for a Favites especially when well fed. It grows by encrusting over rockwork. An easy coral to feed that will grab passing food as it extends it's feeding tentacles taking on an almost fluffy appearance. War corals are capable of producing sweeper tentacles that can damage nearby corals so it should be kept a small distance away from them.

This particular morph has a deep red colour with contrasting bright flourescent green centers and should be kept in lower light levels as it can be bleached by strong lighting.

Frags will be actively encrusting and about 3cm in size.

How long we've kept this coral: 12 years.


  • Feed regularly for faster growth with meaty foods such as brine and mysis shrimp.
  • Place in lower light if the colour starts to fade.
  • Calcium and alkalinity levels are important for all corals but especially so for LPS - for tips on maintaining the correct levels see the Reef Chemistry page.

Customer Reviews

    Lovely Frag

    Arrived well packaged and in excellent condition.

    By Roy C on 21/07/2019

      War Coral

      A beautiful coral fully encrusting the plug and as always well packaged and delivered as requested.

      By Bryan M on 23/03/2019

        amazing colour

        great colour growing encrusting onto rock already

        By Lee S on 14/01/2019

          war coral

          As always, beautifully packed, delivered early and acclimatised well. Have never been disappointed with Captive Ocean, thank you.

          By Lynny T on 08/06/2018

            Awesome piece

            A lovely sized frag totally encrusting the plug and in great health and condition. Quality as always.

            By Leigh P on 09/06/2017

              War Coral

              Good size and lovely colours. Very well packaged, Definitely coming back for more.

              By David R on 01/06/2017

                Stunning Colours....

                Amazing colours and great size, having almost encrusted the entire frag stone. Well settled and feeding already.

                By Steven H on 03/04/2017


                  Loving this frag

                  By Paul J on 12/09/2016

                    Excellent Coral

                    I have now had quite a few frags from Captive Ocean and have yet to be disappointed with either the frag or the service Excellent

                    By Peter P on 06/03/2016

                      War Coral

                      Just received this item and I have to say very impressed with the service and the quality of the coral. Had very good instructions with the delivery also. The only negative comment for me would be the price of postage which I thought was pretty expensive when you compare to some other on-line companies

                      By Barry Y on 04/12/2015


                        Received my frag today looks absaloutly fantastic very bright colors and really nice size thanks alot.

                        By Martin W on 15/09/2015

                          Very pleased

                          All corals arrived and have acclimated well thank you. Very pleased with first purchase from you

                          By David M on 17/12/2013