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Red Planet Acro (Acropora sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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25 customer reviews

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An ORA classic this acro has a tabling formation with a deep red/pink colour with new growth being bright pink to white. Under lower lighting conditions the base will turn a metallic green.

Frags will be between 2 to 3 cm mounted on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 8 years.


  • Calcium and alkalinity levels are important for all corals but especially so for SPS - for tips on maintaining the correct levels see the Reef Chemistry page.
  • SPS respond well to food of the right size - we feed ours regularly on rotifers.

Customer Reviews


    The coral was delivered exceptionally well packed and a very good size for the price. Will be ordering from captive ocean again.

    By Robin M on 07/01/2020

      Fantastic coral and service

      I’m over the moon with this coral The colour is fantastic and of good size will definitely buy again

      By Scott M on 03/11/2019

        Top quality

        Always a top quality coral and packaging.

        By Glenn M on 31/10/2019

          Red Planet

          Very impressed with the packaging, good size frag and colour, has settled well in tank.

          By Paul L on 28/11/2018


            Received a large frag of Red Planet today and all I can say is wow! The quality, size and packaging were all second to none! If you are looking for top quality, high end coral frags online with the best delivery and packaging around, captive ocean is the place!

            By Nasser M on 24/08/2018

              Red Planet Acro

              Huge frag excellent packaging brilliant service

              By Kevin B on 27/03/2018

                Strong colour.

                Good size for the money. Deep pink polyps on dark red base with hints of green metallic. A great addition to any tank.

                By Martin T on 30/09/2017


                  Received this recently. As someone else has said, the pic above doesn't do it justice. Beautiful good size frag and GREAT packaging.

                  By Jonathan B on 05/07/2017


                    Very nice coral amazing colour with a green base picture isn't as good as in person very pleased and packaging is premium quality

                    By Lee B on 27/04/2017


                      A lot of money for one frag, but worth every penny. The colour is great and already it has settled into my tank.

                      By Chris E on 05/03/2017


                        The berries a must for any reef tank colour's are outstanding and well packaged

                        By Scott M on 22/01/2017


                          I've been eyeing up this particular coral for some now, and when it became available I bought it. Not disappointed at all. It came extremely well packaged, and the coral itself is beautiful. Thank you very much!

                          By Craig D on 20/12/2016

                            great coral

                            has settled in very quickly and is showing good growth signs already. the way in which this and all other corals are packaged is brilliant.

                            By Peter M on 21/10/2016


                              in the tank and looking great a really good with all the frags I received brilliantly packaged and top quality

                              By Peter M on 21/10/2016


                                Absolutely over the moon with the frag I received great colouration and great size. Very well packaged aswell. Cheers

                                By Perry A on 18/10/2016

                                  Great adittion.

                                  Very pleased again well packed and good size and holding colour in the bag.

                                  By David H on 01/09/2016

                                    Great size frag

                                    This frag arrived fully coloured up and a great size, has since gone on to grow very nicely.

                                    By Darryl L on 25/05/2016

                                      Strongly recommend this coral

                                      Brilliant coral. Arrived in good condition and polyps we're opening even before fully acclimatised.

                                      By Chulanie D on 12/04/2016

                                        Fantastic coral

                                        A decent sized frag, with great colour and was packaged well!

                                        By Samuel T on 24/01/2016

                                          Great acro

                                          really nice colour to it - bright in the UV lights too - really nice coral

                                          By calvin s on 27/10/2015


                                            My first experience of buying coral online and having delivered... definitely not my last. Very impressed with speed of delivery, quality of packing and most of all the condition of the frag. Much bigger than I expected, lovely colour and polyps extended straight away. Thankyou!

                                            By lee e on 15/10/2015


                                              Received my red planet frag today and am very pleased with the color of this coral, settled in great packing and shipping was fantastic once again thanks.

                                              By Martin W on 27/08/2015

                                                Keep up the good work

                                                Everything spot on once again, frags all settled and traveled well

                                                By Matt B on 22/08/2014

                                                  Red Planet

                                                  All are looking great thanks for a great service and some fantastic colors in your frags best ive ever bought.

                                                  By James H on 19/05/2014

                                                    great coral

                                                    Recived the red planet acro today really healthy thank you for the service

                                                    By tony s on 17/11/2013