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Blue Green Gold Florida Ricordea (Florida Ricordea)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Low - Moderate
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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Florida Ricordeas are easy to care for being tolerant of a wide range of condtions.

They multiply by forming new mouths which get further apart as the polyp grows. They then spilt from the parent polyp and form a new one.

This Ricordea is predominantly blue with highlights of gold and a bright green edge.

Frags will be a single polyp about 3 cm in diameter and mounted on a fragstone for easy placement in your tank.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • Ricordeas tolerate a wide range of lighting but their colours become more intense in bright lighting.
  • All our Ricordeas are fed on a regular basis and enjoy small meaty foods such as chopped brine and mysis shrimp.

Customer Reviews

    Loverly piece

    Very happy with this one to.

    By Rodney M on 10/04/2017

      Beautiful ric

      Lovely frag as usual , well healed and packed, picture don't do this ric justice, needless to say I am really pleased with the size and the colours of this ...very happy.

      By Julie C on 08/11/2016