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Blue Green Gold Florida Ricordea (Florida Ricordea)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Low - Moderate
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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Florida Ricordeas are easy to care for being tolerant of a wide range of condtions.

They multiply by forming new mouths which get further apart as the polyp grows. They then spilt from the parent polyp and form a new one.

This Ricordea is predominantly blue with highlights of gold and a bright green edge.

Frags will be a single polyp about 3 cm in diameter and mounted on a fragstone for easy placement in your tank.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • Ricordeas tolerate a wide range of lighting but their colours become more intense in bright lighting.
  • All our Ricordeas are fed on a regular basis and enjoy small meaty foods such as chopped brine and mysis shrimp.

Customer Reviews


    Everything first class. Communication and packaging excellent. Absolutely stunning Ricordia, large and two of them. Only just in the tank so will only get better, if that's possible. Great work captive ocean.

    By Mark D on 07/02/2020

      Loverly piece

      Very happy with this one to.

      By Rodney M on 10/04/2017

        Beautiful ric

        Lovely frag as usual , well healed and packed, picture don't do this ric justice, needless to say I am really pleased with the size and the colours of this ...very happy.

        By Julie C on 08/11/2016