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Cali Tort (Acropora Tortuosa)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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A lovely blue purple tort that grows quite quickly. It has an open branching formation with blue tips and intense purply blue polyps and can develop a deep green base.

Frags will be between 4 to 5 cm mounted on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 8 years.


  • Calcium and alkalinity levels are important for all corals but especially so for SPS - for tips on maintaining the correct levels see the Reef Chemistry page.
  • SPS respond well to food of the right size - we feed ours regularly on rotifers.

Customer Reviews

    Cali Tort

    once again a outstanding frag or should I say small colony excellent colour & packaging Thanks

    By Kevin B on 19/02/2019

      another little gem

      good size frag, showing nice colour even though it was only put in my tank 2 hours ago. well packed

      By Roger F on 08/01/2019


        As always superb packaged really nice frag. Great size and colour, lovely bright blue tipped with some deep green showing at the base. Every Captive Ocean coral I have and it's a few now have been of good quality and size and very good price, I can't fault them tbh.

        By Robert T on 04/12/2018

          Great adittion.

          This is one of my favs and is very good size thanks.

          By David H on 12/01/2017


            My Cali tort frag is massive. Blue popping from the minute it went in.

            By Darren C on 03/05/2016


              My first experience of buying coral online and having delivered... definitely not my last. Very impressed with speed of delivery, quality of packing and most of all the condition of the frag. Much bigger than I expected, lovely colour and polyps extended straight away. Thankyou!

              By lee e on 15/10/2015


                Received my frag today in perfect condition once again very nice packing and great quality healthy corals. Will be shopping again soon Cheers.

                By Martin W on 07/08/2015