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Neon Green Cabbage Leather (Sinularia dura)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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This cabbage leather is an unusual variety that has a neon green colour that fluoresces strongly under bluer lighting. An easy to care for coral that grows well under good conditions reaching a large size over time. Like all leather corals flow is as important as lighting as it needs good flow to help it shed a waxy film as it grows. Leather corals will contract greatly when shedding or under stress.

Frags are 3 to 4 cm when expanded and are grown on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 8 years.


  • Keep this coral in a high flow area but never in the direct path of a pump or powerhead.
  • Place in an area of good light to maintain the best colouration.

Customer Reviews

    amazing colour

    well packaged good size and fantastic colour

    By Lee S on 13/12/2018

      Another soft stunner

      Even tempered , savage bright green , these corals grow into lovely colonys . I was delighted to receive this frag which has settled very well.

      By Carol D on 18/08/2016