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Green Toadstool Leather (Sarcophyton sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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An rare morph of the classic toadstool leather with bright green polyps instead of the usual brown or white ones. This is a very easy going coral that grows well under good conditions reaching a large size over time. Like all leather corals flow is as important as lighting as it needs good flow to help it shed a waxy film as it grows. Leather corals will contract greatly when shedding or under stress.

The body of the coral is tan with bright green polyps.

Frags are 3 to 4 cm in diameter when expanded and are grown on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • Keep this coral in a high flow area but never in the direct path of a pump or powerhead.

Customer Reviews


    Fantastic coral colour is amazing packaged really well and opened up within a few hours i will be back for more

    By Rob E on 22/04/2020

      First timer

      Recived on agreed day, well boxed and packaged with heat pad etc. Included with clear instructions for acclimatisation which was easy to follow and seemed to make the coral happy. It's now been in for a few days but still shy! Would purchase more of this as the colour is great in white and blue lighting

      By Neil J on 06/06/2019

        Incredible colour

        Good size frag settled in very quickly. Beautiful green polyps. Very happy with this leather.

        By David M on 13/10/2018


          I was pleasantly surprised at the size of these 'frags' to the point I wouldn't call them frags! Very healthy. Love my 'Green Leather Toadstool' All very happy and about to be moved to their final place in my tank Will be coming back again to Captive Ocean

          By Matthew H on 06/05/2018

            Stunning colour

            If you always thought softies were boreing and beige,take a look at this beauty, every bit as beautiful as its picture. Settled in well in less than 24hours.

            By Carol D on 17/08/2016