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Deep Pink Acro (Acropora sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: Moderate - High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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A lovely tabling acro very similar to the Strawberry Shortcake. The branches and polyps are a deep pink with white growth tips and the base can develop green in good conditions.

A moderate grower that requires stable water conditions and low nutrient levels to maintain its colour.

Frags will be around 3cm mounted on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • Calcium and alkalinity levels are important for all corals but especially so for SPS - for tips on maintaining the correct levels see the Reef Chemistry page.
  • SPS respond well to food of the right size - we feed ours regularly on rotifers.

Customer Reviews

    Exactly as described...It's Deep Pink

    Another great coral, with lots of growing branches and another that settled easily into my tank. Am looking forward to watching it grow.

    By Steven H on 03/04/2017

      Very happy

      Again as with all C.O frags very well packed and showing great colour.

      By David H on 12/01/2017

        Stunning coral

        Really like this coral.. turned up in great condition as usual.

        By Darryl L on 25/05/2016

          Lovely Acro

          Stunning Acro frag with great colour. packaging was in a class of its own - faultless service that we most definitely will return to. 10/10

          By Fran B on 10/05/2016


            Received my frag in excellent condition once again and it looks great really happy with this coral thanks captive ocean.

            By Martin W on 23/10/2015