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Utter Chaos Zoas (Zoanthid sp.)

Captive care
Lighting: Low - Medium
Flow: Low - Moderate
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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This large polyp zoa has an orange lash and white centre with flecks of black.

It does best in good stable water conditions and low levels of lighting. Moderate flow is also important to help keep the mat clean of detritus.

Frags will be 4-6 polyps mounted on a frag plug.

How long we've kept this coral: 7 years.


  • As they can grow rapidly allow space around them to avoid them overwhelming slower growing corals.
  • As with all zoanthids the mucus they produce can be toxic so be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.

Customer Reviews

    Great colour

    Within 20 mins of adding to tank, all heads are open. Very well packaged and impressed with the quality.

    By Roy C on 02/07/2019


      When I recieved this coral it was extremely well packed and I was delighted to see there many more polyps that the advertised 4-6. It's been in our tank now around 5 weeks the colours are wonderful and the growth rate has been fantastic at least 4 new polyps. I've just ordered a second one

      By Stacey-Leigh N on 06/06/2017

        true utter chaos zoas

        great colours and faces ,good size and healthy . well packed and excellent value . thank you CO

        By Ruth B on 12/05/2017

          Awesome piece

          These are top drawer animals! The initial frag was so good I ordered another and wasn't disappointed. Both had multiple polyps above the suggested advertised amount and are very healthy. My favourite zoa in my tank by far and I have quite a few nice ones 😉

          By Leigh P on 27/04/2017

            Beautiful zoa and outstanding VFM

            As stated in a previous review, I placed another order and included another frag of these on it as I was so impressed with what I received the first time. Yet again I recried a quality piece at a great price with extra polyps to boot. Can't fault the products or the service in any way. 10/10

            By Leigh P on 27/04/2017

              Great adittion.

              These are fantastic and great value keep up good work C.O

              By David H on 12/01/2017


                Very happy with the service from Captive Ocean,the Zoanthids i ordered from them were packed very well indeed very professional, Most importantly the frags were lovely, i have to say up there with the best i have ever ordered & were open after the acclimatizing in my display tank very quickly. thankyou C.O

                By Christopher P on 25/11/2016

                  Real value for money

                  Lovely frag, well healed, lots of bright polyps please do not mistake these as the sad looking zoa frags we have all had from other vendors, packed amazingly well as usual, very happy.

                  By Julie C on 08/11/2016