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Green Hystrix (Seriatopora Guttatus)

Captive care
Lighting: Medium - High
Flow: High
Aggression: Low
For recommendations on water quality see the Water Parameters table.

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19 customer reviews

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This green hystrix is an easy SPS to care for that grows rapidly requiring only moderate levels of light.

An unusual prostrate growth form that grows wider than it does taller. It has a tan base with long polyps with a metallic green tint that gives it a shimmering appearance.

Frags will to 3 to 4 cm mounted on a fragstone.

How long we've kept this coral: 15 years.


  • Calcium and alkalinity levels are important for all corals but especially so for SPS - for tips on maintaining the correct levels see the Reef Chemistry page.
  • SPS respond well to food of the right size - we feed ours regularly on rotifers.

Customer Reviews


    Fantastic coral size and colour packaging was excellent as well as delivery

    By Rob E on 27/04/2020

      lovely good sized coral

      well packaged good size and colour my new go to online shop

      By Lee S on 13/12/2018

        Excellent service

        The coral frag (Green hystrix) was very carefully packed in a solid container with a captive float, so no damage in transport. It arrived promptly (3 h early) the next day and looked great as soon it was in the holding tank. Larger frag than expected. Overall excellent service, definitely recommended.

        By John B on 10/05/2018


          Exceptional service (packaging and delivery). Beautiful, colorful and healthy coral. Will definitely order more in the future. Ainars

          By Ainars P on 10/11/2017

            Colony !!

            A very big frag, in fact a colony.😀 Looks great in my tank. Arrived in perfect shape Buy again.

            By Martin T on 30/09/2017

              Better Than Expected

              Expecting 5-6cm frag, but was more like inches (at least 3+ inches across). Lots of branches and growth tips. Polyps opened straight away and are a stunning green colour. Very happy with this coral.

              By Steven H on 10/03/2017

                Great Coral

                This frag was huge, the green really stand out when the polyps are extended. The best sized frag for the money I've found.

                By Chris E on 05/03/2017


                  Was an amazing frag! I always thought that a frag should be a small handful to give it the best chance, when I've had SPS frags from others in the past, the piece is so small it could get blown away by my passing Copepods... Amazing frag, amazing packaging and would recommend!

                  By Stephen M on 09/02/2017


                    Really just echoing the rest of the reviews but goes to show they're spot on. Brilliant service, expert packaging, generous size, healthy coral with numerous tips and immediate polyp extension.

                    By Jamie K on 11/01/2017


                      Great frag

                      By Paul J on 12/09/2016

                        Very good service

                        Excellent service arrived next day despite the fact that I ordered at 12.10pm the shop responded to my email question within an hour and the frags are well packed and are larger than at other sellers. This hystrix is really pretty, looks like a little tree with many tips, is healthy and extended its polyps even still packed waiting for acclimatisation. It is attached on a disc, which I prefer. Very happy about the purchase.

                        By Sarka C on 19/06/2016

                          Fantastic Movement

                          I ordered this frag because it thought it would add some movement to my SPS corals. Couldn't be happier! Fantastic colours and great extension from only a few minutes after acclimatising which has only got better the longer it has been in my tank

                          By Andrew P on 06/05/2016


                            Very impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Corals arrived on time,packaging was as good as it gets,very generous sized frags and once acclimated the colours are amazing.

                            By Bruce M on 28/01/2016


                              Not so much a frag more of a small colony, actual coral delivered better than the site picture Packaging was some of the best I have ever seen in 10 years in the hobby

                              By Peter P on 26/01/2016


                                superb coral, amazing color, well packaged and looks fantastic

                                By Luke G on 27/10/2015


                                  My first experience of buying coral online and having delivered... definitely not my last. Very impressed with speed of delivery, quality of packing and most of all the condition of the frag. Much bigger than I expected, lovely colour and polyps extended straight away. Thankyou!

                                  By lee e on 15/10/2015


                                    Very surprised with the excellent packaging of this item. Once acclimatized, it is a stunning Colour, and od excellent size for a frag. Very pleased.

                                    By David R on 27/08/2015


                                      Received my frag today in perfect condition very nice packing. coral acclimated very well and i will defiantly be shopping again soon thanks.

                                      By Martin W on 07/08/2015


                                        Order received today. Fantastic packaging. This isn't the first time I've ordered through you and definitely won't be the last

                                        By Tony D on 20/11/2014